Refund & Return Policy

In case of any cancellations of any order(s) due to inevitable circumstances, the paid amount would be refunded to the customer via Bkash/Nogod or Bank account, whatever they find convenient. Customers need to inform Kodu about the refund request via email, phone call, or web/app support.
If the order gets canceled, then the customer will get refunded with his/her paid amount.
The refund process may take up to 30 working days or more depending upon the payment service gateway provider’s clauses. The refund will be initiated within the same payment channel i.e. if the customer pays via Bkash then the customer will be refunded through Bkash. The customer cannot be refunded via any other payment channels. But Kodu retains the right and has the right to consider/reconsider refund via another flexible channel(s) to make the refund system faster or to make it easier for the customer.
The customer will not be eligible for any extra bonus against his/her paid amount in case of refunds. Kodu is not bound to pay any kind of service charge or cost for the refunded amount.
If your item is faulty/harmed or mistaken/deficient at the hour of conveyance, if you don’t mind, please get in touch with us inside the pertinent return window. Your item might be qualified for discount or substitution relying upon the item class and condition.
Please note that a few items are not qualified for arrival if the item is “Never again required”
For gadget related issues after use or the lapse of the arrival window, we will allude you to the brand guarantee focus (if relevant).
Please note that you should keep and be able to provide proper documentation and proof about your return/refund claim (i.e. unboxing video, receiving invoice, etc.).